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Cemetery Information Detail

Plot Information
Plot LocationGrave Spaces 4&5, Block 56, Section 83
Cemetery NameGlen Abbey Memorial Park
Cemetery CityBonita
Cemetery StateCA
Number of Spaces2
Interment TypeGround Site
Ask Price$9999 for two, $5500 for one
DescriptionPlease call for full details of the property. For a complete Photo Tour of the cemetery, to here to see GLEN ABBEY MEMORIAL PARK

Pricing at Glen Abbey is always expensive, so resale spaces are the best way to get a burial estate, from 1 to 20 spaces, at a more reasonable price.

These 2 spaces are in Liberty Bell Rest, a Veterans section, but the area is open to anyone, and has many burials of non-veterans there.

These grave spaces are great because they are on a sloping hill that is very easy to get to and easy to find. The view from there is unbelievable and comforting for losing anyone you love.

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